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Jewellery Sets

A collection of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings, brooches and earrings that are made using traditional methods and materials, and reflecting the culture of non-UK countries. Ethnic, tribal and global influences on design and manufacturing in the making of the jewellery, lend a blend of colour and uniqueness to the items offered for sale. Materials used include gold, silver, precious and semi-precious gems, or manufactured but desired, cubic zirconia and range of other crystals. Artisans, local artists, and jewellery makers mould and sculpture locally sourced materials and follow patterns from previous generations to make their unique brand of cultural artefacts. Zen Crystals on purchase from ethically sourced artisans from places like India, South America, the outback of Australia, and sustainably sourced paua shell items. Zen Crystals has a wide variety of fashion, costume and traditional jewellery at reasonable prices, from wooden buttons on cord to cubic zirconia crystals in sterling silver. Something to suit everybody’s taste, pocket and occasion. All our products arrive is a free gift box and are delivered free to the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. We also deliver to all EU countries and the USA.

Our Indian jewellery collection has a selection of handmade necklaces, bangles, earrings and anklets from West Bengal. A mix of traditional patterns, Bollywood styles and modern costume jewellery including Jhumka and Lakh bangles, Polka and Kundan jewellery and Costume Rajwadi necklace and earring sets. Local artisans favour traditional Indian colours of ruby red, royal blue, garnet green and bright gold to present a wide selection of styles for both Asian and European tastes. Simple gold mesh rope encasing colourful cubic zirconia crystals to crystal encrusted and engraved bangles to traditional wedding jewellery – something a little bit different and special